Sports Brief: Week of 1.31.15


Australian Open Finals

Williams v. Sharapova, Saturday, 3:00am et, ESPN- #1 v. #2, let’s do it.

Murray v. Djokovic, Sunday, 3:00am et, ESPN- it’s the new Federer-Nadal as these two meet for the 5th time in a Grand Slam Final.

Cavs @ T-Wolves, Saturday, 8:00pm et, ESPN

K-Love makes his triumphant return to Minnesota as Cleveland is doing everything to find some sort of rhythm and consistency.

Silva-Diaz, Saturday, 10:00 pm et

The Superbowl is far from the only event around as this MMA match is sure to feature some top flight action.


Bet 1- Coin Toss: Heads (-101) v. Tails

Heads has come up 5 of the last 6 times, but Tails is 10-7 over the last 17.  I’m taking the hot hand and chances of evening up the statistics.

Bet 2- Will there be a roughing the passer penalty? Yes (+150)

Pete’s teams are consistently the most penalized team in football.  Meanwhile, RW scrambles behind the line enough that a brutal blow is likely.

Bet 3- First half under 24 (-115)

Since 2000, Superbowls lined 47 or higher have gone under 6 out of 8 times. I’m extrapolating this to a first half line.  Why not?

Bet 4- Marshawn Lynch to score a TD and Seahawks win (+137)

Maybe this parlay isn’t worth it (Seahawks already -105), but it’s fun to root for, I think the Seahawks pull this out, and if they do, you know Lynch will score.

Last week: Blazers (+1); Result: W; 2015 Record: 2-1.


The argument phase of the criminal trial of Aaron Hernandez got under way this week.  Here’s a synopsis.  This feels strikingly similar to another landmark, NFL player trial of a few years ago…


The story of Josh Gordon, as told by Josh Gordon, and calling out his critics.


The Superbowl coin toss is actually not a 50/50 proposition.  The side facing up when the coin is flipped has won 51% of the time.


Why does every scandal have to be “_____gate”?  I get that deflate-gate has a cool rhyme, but come on.  Watergate was the actual name of the hotel, not some clever moniker.  It’s just getting annoying.


“When I was in college, I was going to class and some student came up to me and said, ‘I’m paying your tuition.’ I said, ‘You don’t pay my damn tuition. My mom paid that when she worked two jobs and I woke up every morning at 6 a.m. and worked hard.’”

Michael Bennett, Seahawks D-End.


This ball was served at 196 kmph.  That’s roughly 122 mph for you non Europeans.

A Brief Hiatus

“Six months back I hit a sort of impasse with where my life was headed, so I bought a plane ticket to Guatemala and told myself that it would either be a vacation from a new job or a break to figure out what I want out of this whole life thing.”

Well hey there,

Hope this message finds you well.  As much as the above sounds like a prologue to some sort of Eat, Pray, Love sequel, it’s mostly just what’s going on with the next little bit in my life.

More or less headed out to re-calibrate my understanding of the relationship between comfort and happiness, as it hit me that the difference between a groove and a rut isn’t all too much other than the way you look at it, and I kind of felt that I had too many days where I wasn’t quite sure which one I was in.

As much as the idea of Briefing, blogging, etc. appeals to me while gone, reading and writing and breathing and thinking appeal to me a bit more right now.  Fully planning on getting the Morning Brief going upon my return, but for the time being there will be a bit of an absence in your inbox (if this makes you all “thank goodness, I’ve been waiting for this”, please feel free to unsubscribe).

As always I’d like to thank you for your continued readership and support, and hope you find other ways to learn and think about the world through this ridiculously collaborative space called the internet until the Morning Brief makes its (probably not that) triumphant return.

It’s been a pleasure to be a part of y’alls morning for the last little while, and I very much look forward to doing so again.

Wishing nothing but peace, love, and good tidings to you and yours.


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    Has a pretty darn good idea what he’s doing. (It just took two and a half years)

    He did in fact quit his day job.

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Sports Brief: Week of 01.09.15


Dallas @ Green Bay, Sunday, 10:05am et, Fox

This one has it all- star power (Rodguhs v DeMarco), name power (Cowboys. Packers.), and freezing temperatures (17 degrees is the forecast, plus wind).

Ducks-Buckeyes, Monday, 8:30pm et, ESPN

Winner-take-all for the inaugural CFB Playoff title game. No joke, tickets are more expensive than for any other sports event except the Superbowl.

NFL Draft Declaration Deadline, Thursday

Draft eligible players will make their intentions clear.  Is your college team losing its qb?  Might your NFL team be upgrading with a young gun.  Check out this real time declaration tracker if you’re a bit behind.


Packers-Cowboys, under 53

Logic says this one should hit 80.  Which is exactly why it won’t.  Dallas has a strong D and will look to run, run, run.  Cold temperatures also traditionally keep scores lower.

Last week: Utah (-4); Result: Utah 45-10, W; 2014 Record: 22-20-1.


Winston rape accuser sues Florida State

This is why people hate lawyers- if you can’t sue one person, sue another.  Ironic this suit was filed on the day Jameis declared for the NFL draft.


For the umpteenth time, “there will be” an NFL stadium built in Los Angeles.  Here’s a timeline of developments since the Rams and Raiders departed.


Kemba Walker

The diminutive (okay, he’s 6’1”) Charlotte point guard is dominating of late, averaging 31 points, 6 assists and 6 rebounds over the past week.


In truly ironic fashion, if college football had used the BCS this season, the national title game would have featured Alabama and Florida State.

The last national champ from a northern state was Ohio State in 2002; the only bowl game since the inception of the AP Poll where the winner was definitively going to be a national champion and featured 2 northern teams was the 1989 Fiesta Bowl between West Virginia and Notre Dame.


The PAC-12 went 6-2 in bowl games with one game remaining.  Meanwhile, the vaunted SEC West, who had 4 teams in the AP top 5 at one point went 2-5.  Wake up!  The SEC is as overrated as it gets.  Just because you have the most NFL prospects does not mean you’re the best college conference.


Jalen: “[Ndamukong Suh] loves what he does.  And he’s a pro bowler, don’t forget that too.  But that’s just a footnote to the football player that went out there and got two sacks yesterday.”

Bill: “Literally, a footnote.”

Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose.


You don’t see an onside kick like this everyday.

A Brief Tangent on the NFL Divisional Playoffs

NFL divisional,brief,tangent,peyton,rodgers,romo,wilson

And Then There Were Eight.

A while back, we asked a bunch of friends to put together a Brief preview of their favorite team’s NFL chances (those are a ton of fun).  Five of us still have teams going, and as such, we decided to have a conversation on where we’ve been, where we’re headed, and who we hope to see.  Sincere thanks to friends of the Brief Peter Simones, Elliott Spelman, and Sunny Patel for their time and thoughts and apologies to Kevin Platt for not being able to work a time out.

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