GChats that (Probably) Didn’t Happen at Work: Vol. 5



The following conversation took place in response to Ash Wednesday and the changing nature of religious interaction during adulthood.

well i did not wind up getting ashes
cuz i worked til [redacted]
(the frowny face is re:eternal damnation)

missed a good reading last night

what was it?

dont’ let your left hand see your right hand give alms

oh yeah
one of my favorites

yeah. went for a run after, lot of good god thoughts
hadn’t been to¬†church¬†in quite some time
haven’t been on a non holy day in longer than I should probably admit
part of my lent stuff
get back 

yeah its been a bit
i don’t really much like going anymore, to be honest
i usually wind up feeling shitty


yeah. I like the Gospel a lot, so i usually wind up just sitting there reading that in my own world
the rituals aren’t as comforting as they used to be
i’ll keep going occassionally
but yeah, i don’t really like it¬†

because it’s hard to admit that you’re part of the largest economic and military empire of the last thousand years?

kind of
it’s just i usually start thinking that Ritual A is kind of arbitrary
and i could buy it being symbolic
but to insist that it’s the ONLY WAY TO DO IT

but that’s not the established narrative
I mean. Anyone worth their salt questions it
you’re fucking crazy if you actually believe the entirety of the transsubstantiation


of course
pretty sure this is widely held

I meant that by Ritual A
that’s some¬†Golden Tablets in Missouri level superstitiion shit
so you start peeling that away
and add the military-political construct to it
you’re left with the Gospels
which again i like

or you get a ritual that allows people to be closer to god based on the fact that billions have done it the same way


sure, i don’t begrudge anyone their way of being closer to God
just right now, I really don’t like going to Mass
but again, i will do it occasionally, just to try it out again

yeah. i think I actually just got out of that phase and I’m ready for the community aspect of it
It’s fun doing it on your own and finding your own way, but there’s also a certain peace in coming back to the structure that I felt last night that I hadn’t in a while
I think I learned that after doing all the self-exploration, etc. while I clearly don’t buy into everything at the Catholic mass (nor should anyone feel like they have to) there are things there that are very important to my spiritual well being that I can’t get elsewhere
group prayer, the host (still very important to me regardless of the transstub issue), confession of the sin, hymns
and honestly, the “peace be with you thing” felt outstanding last night
strangers wishing each other genuine peace is not something that you find everywhere (anywhere?)
the part that I don’t like is the “the only way to heaven is this way”

I just…i don’t know

I also think that a lot, and maybe most, of it has to do w/the priest and community. 
in [redacted] for example, I forced myself to go. ¬†i couldn’t stand that dude

i went to mass the last sunday of advent, Christmas, the following Sunday, plus two days filled with talking about Jesus at [redacted] later that week
it was a lot of organized religion and piety and “in his name”¬†

that’s a lot of Christ in a short period of time

from a lot of pious people
not to mock their devotion
it’s just a lot to take

man, pious just sounds like a term that should have been retired in the 19th century

it’s a great word¬†

idk . to me the connotation is devoutly religious regardless of outside information

it can be leveraged in a critical capacity
i like that
it’s a textured word
those are my favorite
also i like “Akratic”
we should use it more

i don’t even know the first bit about what that means