This is an online record of
a cool thing I did for a while.

  • FP_Cougar1
  • The Morning Brief.

    For three and a half years I sent a weekday e-newsletter every workday.
    It was sort of like The Skimm but with a less specific target demographic.
    It included news and inspirational quotes and gifs and nonsense rap lyrics and pictures of baby animals.

    I am very proud of it.  I consider it a cool thing I did.
    People seemed to dig it.


  • Podcasting.

    Over the course of one week in October 2013, two different homies asked me if I had any interest in podcasting; so I brought them together, and we bought microphones and started a podcast.

    At first we wanted to do long podcasts. We called those “Keeping it Brief.”
    Then we wanted to do shorter podcasts.  We called those “A Brief Tangent.”

    Keeping it Brief: Archive

    Christian Values/Conversations from July 

    Christian Values

  • A Brief Tangent: Archive

    I spent summer 2015 driving around the United States.
    I sent The Morning Brief most every day I had wifi.
    Each week I remotely recorded and produced a podcast with 2-3 guests.
    I called it “Christian Values.”

    In summer 2016 I decided I wanted to do some more podcasting so I called up a bunch of friends and recording them talking about things that were going on in their lives.
    I called it “Christian Values: Conversations from July“.

    In October 2016 one of the guests from CV: CFJ connected me with a group of folks that were looking to start the Fish Sauce podcast.  That’s been the focus of my podcasting efforts since then.

    Fish Sauce Podcast


    If you do something every day for long enough, you’ll build up a pretty good set of “Whatever that thing is.”
    Over the course of the three years I put together the Morning Brief, I cultivated the following sets of content.


    In addition to cultivating content for the Brief, I produced some too, with the help of my friends.
    Some of it was purposeful.  Some of it was accidental.  Most of it was alright.


  • A Brief Reading List

    1130_Resize_the alchemist
  • Five Ingredients or Less

  • The Wide World of Wikipedia

    Beer Night

  • GChats from Not Work

    1130_Resize_the alchemist
  • Group Work

  • Solo Contributors

    Beer Night
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